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Size Guide

Finding the perfect size of collar can be tricky.  Luckily, our FBD collars come in a wide variety of sizes and widths.

Each of our collars has 7 holes that are placed 1/2" apart, spanning a total of 3". We recommend choosing a collar that will allow your dog to wear their collar on one of the 3 middle holes.  This way, you’ll always have room to allow for seasonal weight changes. Use our custom made dog collar size guide below to find the perfect fit.


How To Measure:

Collars are sized by NECK SIZE, not overall length.  Ensuring a proper neck measurement is key to selecting a collar that fits your dog properly!

Follow these steps to ensure a proper measurement:

1. Use a soft (cloth) measuring tape.  If you don’t have one, sub in a piece of string or rope.  You can then record your dog’s size by measuring the string with a ruler.

2. Measure your dog's neck in the middle of the neck, not too high up (close to the head) and not too far down (close to the shoulders).  This will result in a collar that is too small or too big. Do not add extra length "just in case".  This will result in a collar that is too big for your dog.

3. For growing puppies or dogs with extra thick coats, we recommend adding a little extra space (2-3 fingers) when measuring, for comfort.

4. Choose a collar size for which your dog’s neck measurement is closest to the middle hole of the size range. 



More Size Questions?

Whether your dog is between sizes or you simply have questions, we’re happy to help.