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Unpacking Leather Types: Why Your Fusion By Design Collar Might Not Feel "Soft" Right Away [VIDEO]

Unpacking Leather Types: Why Your Fusion By Design Collar Might Not Feel "Soft" Right Away [VIDEO]

Have you ever gotten a beautiful new leather collar for your pup, only to find it feels a bit...stiff?

Here at Fusion By Design Collars, we use only the finest leathers, but there can be a surprising amount of variation depending on the type of leather used.

In our latest video, we dive into the world of latigo, veg tan, and specialty fashion leathers, explaining how the type of leather affects the "temper" of the leather and ultimately, how long it takes your dog's collar to break in.

Latigo Leather: Buttery Soft, Ready to Go

Latigo leather is known for its luxurious feel. During the tanning process, latigo leather is infused with oils that make it incredibly supple and soft right off the bat. This makes latigo collars a great choice for dogs who might be bothered by a stiffer collar, and also for the swamp monster in your life.  Latigo leather holds up well to daily use and abuse.

Veg Tan Leather: Patience Rewarded

Veg tan leather uses a natural vegetable tanning process, resulting in a beautiful, rich look that will only get better with age. Unlike latigo, veg tan is not oiled during tanning, which means it starts out feeling a bit firmer. However, this doesn't mean it's lower quality! Veg tan leather is incredibly strong and durable, and as your dog wears their collar and the leather breaks in, it will develop a beautiful patina and become wonderfully soft and comfortable.  Our Veg Tan Bridle Leather is sourced from one of the best tanneries in the world.

Specialty Fashion Leathers: A Touch of Luxury

We also love to use unique and beautiful specialty fashion leathers in our collars. These leathers can come in a wide variety of textures and colors, and they add a touch of personality to your dog's look. Due to the nature of our specialty leathers, we reinforce the leather with a layer of natural veg tan leather.  This means that your collar may start out a bit stiff.  This is because we prioritize maintaining the unique look and texture of specialty leathers while also ensuring that the collar will last over time. The good news is, with a little time, they'll soften up just like our other high-quality leathers.

The Key Takeaway: Quality Leather Takes Time

The important thing to remember is that regardless of how the leather feels at first, all Fusion By Design Collars are made from high quality leathers. This means they are incredibly strong, durable, and built to last. While a latigo collar may feel like a dream right out of the box, a veg tan or specialty leather collar will develop its own unique character and become just as soft and comfortable with a little patience and wear.

Watch the full video below to learn more about the different types of leather we use! And don't hesitate to reach out to customer service team if you have any questions about which type of collar might be the best fit for your furry friend.


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