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Don't Be Afraid of White Leather

Don't Be Afraid of White Leather

Recently, in our Facebook Community, one of our members asked us how our white leather holds up over time.

They’d had experiences with white leather collar from other collar brands and mentioned that the finish on the leather was cracking.  As a result, they were hesitant to order another collar crafted on white leather.

The type of cracking our member described is commonly seen when the leather used is a leather with a heavily pigmented finish.  That means that the colour of the leather is achieved by applying an almost paint-like finish to the surface of the collar rather than dyeing it.  Pigmentation is the best way to achieve the bright fashion colours that we love to see. 

Pigmented finishes sit on top of the surface of the leather.  They aren't soaked into the leather like a dye would be.  As such, they can be more susceptible to scratching and sometimes, cracking, depending on the finish itself.

Over the years, we've experimented with a number of different pigmented leathers as well as leathers that are a combination of dyed and pigmented finish.  We've found that leathers that are strictly pigmented do not hold up well over time and the finish does indeed crack or wrinkle.

The leather that we've chosen to use for our fashion colours (including white) is a Latigo leather that is both dyed and pigmented.  This means that a coloured dye is applied to the leather first which penetrates the leather itself.  This means that the leather requires much less pigment in order to achieve the bright colours we so love.  And so, the finish on these leathers will hold up better over time and be less likely to crack or show scratches, etc.

In the video below, I share with you what a 7 year old white Fusion By Design Collar looks like.  This is a personal collar of mine that has seen nearly daily use on at variety of my dogs over the years.

As to whether or not, a white leather collar is the right colour for you, well…. Let me just say one word: dirt.  🤣