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"Can Your Fancy Leather Dog Collar be worn daily?" It sure can!

Red Doberman wearing a luxury leather dog collar

Yep, this is the #1 question we get asked and for good reason. No one wants to ruin a $300 dog collar!!

TLDR version: scroll to the bottom and watch the video.  😉

When you're buying a luxury leather dog collar, using it every day is not what comes to mind.  I get it.

But here's the deal.

Many of our leathers will hold up juuuuuuuust fine to daily use.  Our stock Latigo and Bridle leathers were selected specifically because they *can* take some abuse.  I mean, we do own dogs and our dogs wear FBD collars.

Did I mention that I (Danielle) live on a farm?  You can just imagine what my personal dogs' collars get put through around here.  💩

Living on a 57 acre working farm, our dogs spend a lot of time outside. 

We hike in the woods (dead smelly stuff! Must roll!).

The dogs swim in our pond (yep, collars on).

And we are home to a multitude of horses, cows, chickens and sheep.  (Poop, lots and lots of poop).

Here's a video of one of my personal dogs' collars that's been used daily for 9 or so months now.  I think it's holding up pretty well. 

What do you think?  😉


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