All Fusion By Design Collars and Leashes come with Lifetime Repairs.  

While we hope you'll never need them, should your collar need a minor repair or a crystal or notion replaced, most of the time, we’ll be happy do the repair for you free of charge or for a reasonable fee (shipping not included). 

Some of the things that we’ll fix:

  • Missing stones or studs (free on non-padded collars.  Fee for padded collars starts at $75USD)

  • Broken hardware

  • Stitching in need of repair

  • Minor wear and tear such as edges needing to be re-dyed or the collar simply needing a good professional “tune up” (aka. cleaning and conditioning).

Simply let us know that you are sending the collar to us, then pop it in the mail. Please email us at for the address. Make sure to include a note in your package with how to reach you (phone and email), and your return shipping address. If you are mailing the collar to us from outside of Canada, please let us know so that we can provide you with the necessary information for the Customs Declaration Form that you’ll be required to fill out at the post office. 

Once your repair is complete, we'll notify you and send you an invoice for return shipping.

Does it look like something a little bit more on the “major” side?  While this type of repair isn’t covered under our guarantee, send us a picture and we’ll let you know what can be done to repair the collar. We’ll provide you with an estimate for the cost of repair before you send the collar to us. 

**Please note that we no longer offer a full crystal swap service.**

While we know that your dogs like to look their best when out and about, please do not let your dog roughhouse with other dogs when wearing their FBD collars. Studs or crystals can get pulled out or broken and significant damage to your collar may occur as a result. Bushwhacking is also not recommended. ;)

AN IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT BLACK HARDWARE: Please note that, by nature, black plating is more susceptible to scratching and chipping than other finishes. Over time and with consistent contact (ie. your pets rubbing on furniture), the black plating will wear off and you will see the copper or brass base layer.  Replacement of damaged black hardware notions will incur a fee.  

If you intend to use your collar as a daily use collar or will be subjecting it to the elements, we strongly recommend that you consider our nickel plated or brass hardware instead.

MANUFACTURER DEFECTS: Manufacturer defects, such as defective buckles, will only be repaired or replaced at our expense within 30 days of product receipt.

IMPORTANT! Before sending us a collar for repair, you must contact us FIRST.

This will allow us to confirm the timeline for repair and any associated fees, if applicable.