The Anatomy of a Turnaround Time

So what makes up a turnaround time anyways?  And why do different products have different turnaround times?

Here is a bit of a low down on how it all works.

Every collar goes through various stages when being crafted: strap cutting, crystal setting, design transfer onto the leather, padding (if it’s padded), stitching and final assembly. How, what, when each of these steps happens depends on the product line.

At FBD, we have three different types of product lines:  Design Your Own, Ready To Ship and Quick Ship. 

Each product line has its own process and there are A LOT of moving parts!

The first product line is the DYO (DesignYour Own) Collar.

The DYO or “Made To Order” Collar is what FBD was built on. When you order a DYO collar, you choose it all: design, leather colour, hardware colour, crystal colours, all of it.

All of that choosing can be daunting but it’s also a lot of fun.

Our DYO collars have the longest turnaround times. We love giving over all of the creative decisions to you, but that also means that we can’t predict what you’ll choose. It’s fun for us but a longer wait for you.

DYO collars require a lot of lead time.  We can’t prepare your collar’s components in advance. The collar building process and all of its stages doesn’t begin until after you’ve placed your order.  We’re also at the mercy of the supply chain gods if we happen to need to order a specific component for your collar.

Our next product line is the “Ready To Ship” (RTS) collar. 

Ready to Ship collars are pre-made and ship within a matter of a few business days from the order date.  These have the fastest turnaround of our product lines but they also can’t be altered in any way.

We release one or two RTS collections every month.  RTS collections are planned around themes or special events and holidays.  We craft these collars over a period of time leading up to the release of the collection.

Once RTS collars are on the website, it’s only a few days from ordering to shipping, perfect for those looking for some instant gratification!

Now on to the third product line: QuickShip Collars.

QuickShip collars are the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) of the FBD collar world with the added bonus of getting it crafted in the size that you want.

The advantage of an QuickShip collar is that it ships within 3-4 weeks of order date.  By us doing all of the choosing for you, we’re able to prepare collar components in advance which allows us to then quickly assemble and ship your collar.

Off The Shelf collars are refreshed on a monthly basis.  That way, every month, there are new collars for you to choose from.

Long story short, here is the TL;DR version:

DYO (Custom) Collars:  you get to choose everything but they have the longest QuickShip Collars: we choose everything, you choose the size, they ship out in 3-4 weeks
Ready To Ship Collars:  pre-made, no alterations, they ship out within a matter of days